Since starting this blog a couple of other companies have contacted me. Because this technology is expensive, unfortunately I am unable to try them all. Although I don’t care to be a part of companies bad-mouthing one another, I am happy to list other products for sale that may fit particular needs or budgets. I feel it is the technology and its capacity to help people feel and function better that is most relevant here, not the nuances differentiating one machine from another. Dr. Pawluk covers that on his site.

PEMF therapy for chronic pain, fatigue, better sleep, depression, arthritis, autoimmune disease, fibromyagia, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more.



This is the machine introduced to me that my family uses daily, with life-altering results. It was also the machine featured on the Dr. Oz show. Based on my experiences and that of others in the Portland, Oregon area, I recommend it with absolute confidence. To rent it for one month or to purchase, please contact me. The iMRS complete, which is sufficient for home use, is $3,950. The iMRS professional, which offers the iGuide, a list of recommended protocols for different conditions and programmable settings, is $4,750.

EarthPulse Sleep Machine

This is a lower cost PEMF unit designed primarily for sleep. You place it under your mattress and it runs during the night. It’s smaller and cheaper and might be a good alternative for traveling. They have a lot of user reviews and a generous 90-day guarantee to try it. A simpler sleep-only unit is $399 and a unit that offers more diversity is $599.

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