Portland’s first PEMF conferences huge success!

greg and allie pemf session

Mediconsult’s Greg and Allie take a PEMF break during the December iMRS conference in Portland, Oregon

The first Portland PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) class was such a great success the company brought back three experts a month later for a second conference that still attracted 70 people! PEMF technology is catching on in Portland thanks to all the amazing first-person stories people are telling their friends.

About 50 practitioners attended the November’s class taught by Travis Elliott, ND, in what was the first-ever PEMF class for practitioner continuing education credits in the United States. Then more than 80 people gathered at a waterfront hotel to hear PEMF manufacturer and innovator Wolfgang Jaksch deliver an informative and often funny educational lecture. Attendees were also able to try iMRS mats set up in the conference room.

In December, the company’s US and Canadian presidents returned to answer questions and discuss specifics on applications. We also heard a talk delivered by Hermina Dannell, a German expat who perhaps can be credited for introducing the iMRS to the United States about 15 years ago. She has been an invaluable for answering people’s questions from around the country and she now offers her many years of experience and knowledge on her website: http://pemfassistance.com/.

If you are interested in renting an iMRS to try or in leasing one for your practice, please contact me!

PEMF class for practitioners reviews the studies

In his reviews of PEMF studies and technology, Dr. Elliott showed the many studies done on PEMF technology for health disorders. I think the main thing we learned is that there is a serious lack of standards or uniformity in PEMF studies. Many researchers do not indicate whether they are using a low-intensity PEMF (like the iMRS) or high-intensity, or which frequencies or wave forms they use. Exposure times vary too. Nevertheless, there is a large body of peer-reviewed evidence showing the effectiveness of PEMF technology in supporting a wide array of health conditions.

PEMF how-to session for home users

In our December class people were able to ask questions of the experts and hear stories of the changes that happen with long-term usage. Sometimes people respond right away, sometimes it takes several weeks or more. Some people may even experience a temporary worsening before they improve as the body’s cellular function shifts. Sometimes as the cells become more active and the membranes more flexible a person can experience some detoxification. But those stories are not common as PEMF technology is so gentle and safe.

PEMF practitioner lease special

The iMRS manufacturer Mediconsult (soon to be renamed Swiss Bionics Systems to reflect their Swiss manufacturing) has introduced a great new lease option for practitioners. Currently practitioners can lease to own the iMRS for as little as $150 a month. The new package includes the Professional iMRS (which includes the iGuide of hundreds of applications for different conditions) for in-office use and two Complete iMRS mats (no IGuide but otherwise the same) to rent to patients. If you keep the Completes rented on a regular basis it will pay your monthly lease payment of about $250.

Month-long rental

Before committing, both practitioners and patients can rent an iMRS from the company for $500 (with a $1,000 deposit). This is a great way to try out the iMRS for a lengthy period with no obligation to purchase. If you decide to keep the mat the rental fee and deposit are applied to your purchase and you simply pay the balance.

If you are interested in renting an iMRS to try or in leasing one for your practice, please contact me!


Amazing testimonials are the norm among PEMF users. Here are some newer ones.

  • A child with autism is finally able to hug his parents.
  • A woman’s debilitating autoimmune disease stops progressing and she becomes pain-free.
  • A senior whose foot is black from neuropathy sees the color and feeling come back.
  • A woman in her 60s is free of insomnia for the first time since childhood.
  • A woman in midlife astonishes doctors with how quickly her fracture heals.
  • A woman with severe adrenal fatigue gains back her energy and sees her autoimmune symptoms fade.
  • A woman’s blood sugar normalizes.
  • A man heals chronic and mysterious dental pain.
  • A man lowers his blood pressure.
  • A child’s asthma improves and she no longer has asthma attacks.

“Tina has suffered with facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy for 3 years, no longer has any symptoms. After two 16-minute sessions on the mat, her left eyelid no longer droops and she can say words with “B”s and “P”s for the first time in 3 years.”
Tina, Freeport, FL

“Marilyn suffered from fibromyalgia for years and her severe pain led to back fusion surgery. Although there was some immediate pain relief after her surgery, her back pain returned after just a few months. Marilyn tried the iMRS for 5 days prior to her out of town vacation. After 3 days her pain decreased, her energy was dramatically increased and she felt better than she had in a long time. Her husband stated that he had not seen his wife feel this amazing in months and they took the iMRS on their vacation since it helped her so dramatically. While on vacation, Marilyn rode bikes and worked out at the fitness center for the first time in 9 months and felt great.”
M – Charlotte, NC

“In 2007, I was a patient suffering from Osteoporosis in my hip and lower back area and although the pain subsided in a week of use on the MRS (an older version of the iMRS), it was 5 months of daily use until I was able to ski and then play golf.At that time my wife Alma, who has had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years started using the MRS at the sensitive setting and lo and behold, she started sleeping through the night and her general health improved and keeps on improving every month. She is faithful to using it once a day. She has now recommended it to friends and people she meets with all kinds of ailments experiencing great success. Our son Mark (who was in a bad motor car accident in 1987) has had hip pain from time to time especially after a workout or strenuous day of exercise. He has been using his MRS for over a year now and has very little or no pain no matter how hard he pushes himself. His health is also improved. We are a MRS family for all the reasons we feel that everybody should have one for better health while working with good nutrition, exercise and other fundamental good health practices. ” Frank , Burlington, Canada

Three weeks ago I fell down on the ice and broke my left kneecap. X-rays taken 10 days after the fall, showed a vertical fracture on the inside of the left patella with the fragment measuring about 1 1/2’” x ½” separated from the main by about 1/8” and displaced down about 1/8”.For the first 10 days after the fall, I used alternating hot and cold and the MRS mat, pad and probe. I used the highest settings (400) on the pad and probe twice a day for up to ½ hour at a time. When I finally saw a renowned Taos orthopedic surgeon, 15 days after the fall, he (mistakenly) identified the break as “an old injury” or a bipartite patella that I was born with. Because I was experiencing no significant pain when he examined me, he said that I had not broken my kneecap from the fall but had only bruised my knee and that I could resume skiing in two weeks and did not require any treatment. A week later, after new x-rays and seeing a chiropractor, specializing in orthopedics and a third opinion I received from a renowned Santa Fe orthopedic surgeon three weeks after the fall confirmed that the facture had occurred as a result of my fall and that I should minimize activity to facilitate the mending of the patella. I am continuing to use the MRS because I think this was the reason for the rapid healing and amazing lack of pain and minimal restriction of movement that I experienced.”
Charles L., Brain Dynamics Santa Fe

If you are interested in renting an iMRS to try or in leasing one for your practice, please contact me!

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