PEMF therapy relieves seasonal allergies, lowers blood pressure


Woman Blowing Her NoseThis is a testimonial from a friend who was able to use the PEMF. In just a couple of weeks his usually terrible seasonal allergies were significantly relieved and his high blood pressure lowered:

My daughter and I used the PEMF one to two times a day over a two-week period in the comfort of our home environment. We both have health projects we are working on, and I was curious to see what help this device could lend after hearing about it from a friend. We found the results to be very gratifying, though in ways we were not expecting. Over all, I would say that using the machine is a very relaxing experience not too different from what I have previously felt during a good acupuncture treatment, of course, minus the needles.  I often would fall asleep while using the machine, and would wake with a mind that felt somehow clearer while the rest of my body just felt very relaxed and enlivened.

The work I do from home is very stress laden, and has contributed to a significant rise in my blood pressure over the course of the last two years. Using the PEMF on my breaks for approximately 8 minutes while working, turned out to be extremely relaxing and actually lowered my blood pressure by as much as 6-7 points from start to finish when I measured it.

I also noticed, that my sinus allergies which were very aggravated at the onset thanks to late spring bloom, all but went away after just a few days using the PEMF.  They faded so far into the background that I did not even notice they were gone all together, until a friend came into town complaining about how much the local pollen was affecting her sinuses.  I realized to my fascination, that my sinuses were completely clear, when just a week before they had been very inflamed.  This was a very pleasant surprise, and the only thing I can attribute it to, is the fact that I was using the PEMF on a daily basis.

My youngest daughter, who suffers from severe allergies and asthma, also seemed to improve while using the PEMF.  In general, I would say that over the course of the two weeks she was using the machine, her over-all health and demeanor was calmer than normal. She just felt stronger and more stable in general as a result of the treatments.  She had no asthmatic outbreaks during the two week period we were using the PEMF machine.” —F.


  1. My husband’s allergies are usually terrible this time of year as well but since using the iMRS he has also noticed a huge improvement!

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