Amazing PEMF testimonial — Lyme, autism


An amazing iMRS PEMF testiomonial that just came through our local group. Ask me about the new Omnium 1, which is more affordable, portable, and versatile.

“I wanted to give some insight to how the imrs and omnium can change the life of people who have lyme, autism (many have lyme and do not know it) and people in their lives who become aggressive. IT’s usually due to pain I believe and the person in pain usually does not complain of pain. Even completely neurotypical people “forget” what it’s like to feel good, free of pain. So here is a post I wrote in Dec of 2011, almost 1 year after I bought my first imrs:

One year ago, and for the next few months (mid Dec – mid Mar), many people, including my pastor, friends, herbalist, etc….advised me to commit my son, at least for a while, before he killed me. I told them even if he does kill me, we would never do that.

Matthew has chronic lyme disease. We watched him deteriorate mentally for a couple years while so-called DAN doctors said to “try this drug, try that drug, matthew needs impulse control….oh I know…try this other drug and chase it with this drug”…I would always take him off as it did not work.

Anyway, he became like an advanced alzheimer’s patient and now by Dec, at 16 years old, he reacted to levaquin, went totally psychotic and started choking me, punching and kicking me. He did almost kill me…. twice. SO…that’s where we were just 9-12 months ago. Matthew is a VERY sweet 17 year old boy who could not control any of this. He was in so much pain, his LLMD dr wanted him on ketamine (horse tranquilizer) 3 times daily. In Jan, we got the IMRS and the first night on it, he slept for 9 1/2 hours. HE never slept…we we’re so sleep deprived. I knew that day I would buy it….but I still waited cautiously…..and by mid march, he was totally pain free, pain med free, calm and like a different person entirely. We got him back and I do mean got him back because someone would have eventually called the police. He is getting healthier and happier every day and I just bought my second matt. We all use it and I don’t leave even for one night without one of our mats. I do think the imrs, along with a couple other things, did save Matthew’s life. Cd was also vital for him. But I did not add cd till 6 months after the imrs….First I got him pain free, rest and sleep, and then I added the cd. I love the imrs and can’t wait for my omnium1 to arrive!”


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