Friends in Portland, OR told me about the success of PEMF for chronic pain, better sleep, depression, arthritis, PTSD, fibromyalgia, Lyme, autoimmune disease, and more. Here are some very basic answers to common questions based on my experiences so far.

Does using the PEMF hurt?

Some people say it makes them feel warm and tingly where the body is injured or unwell. My left ankle, which is chronically swollen and has metal implants, feels tingly on the mat. For the most part, however, many people feel nothing.

Are there warnings or negative consequences with the PEMF?

Do not use it if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or have epilepsy. One guy said he and his friends noticed if they used too high a frequency or used it too often that it gave them loose stools. A number of people said using a higher frequency at night kept them awake (stick to 25 or under for evening sessions). Outside of that, PEMF has been shown to be extremely safe and not cause side effects.

What are the cons to the PEMF?

There are two main cons that I can see, and possibly three.

Con one: Money

One is the price. It’s several thousand dollars for a home unit, although the company offers financing. To use one from someone who offers PEMF services involves regular visits and fees, and both time and money are exquisitely precious for most of us.

Con two: Time

The second main con, and this is SO American, is taking a few minutes out of your day several times a day to use it. I heard a few people say this was their biggest barrier to using it. Isn’t that funny? We’re talking as little as eight minutes twice a day! The fact that taking a few minutes to stop, lie down, and recharge your cells is so hard to fit in your schedule says a lot as to why we’re all so unhealthy in the first place.

The guy with Parkinson’s I listened to, he was very motivated. The gal who had insomnia for 60 years, she was motivated or she didn’t sleep. The guy with arthritis and diabetic neuropathy, he was motivated. The gal with the autoimmune disease that was slowly fusing all her bones together, she was motivated or she couldn’t walk. The father whose son’s autism symptoms significantly improved, he’s motivated to get his son on it.

When the pain of the problem is greater than the pain of the solution, you get motivated. It has only been three days as I write this, but the increase in energy and the relief from pain so old I had forgotten about it totally motivates me. If it improves my light sleep and tendencies toward insomnia, you can bet I will make it a religion.

Many users report the PEMF experience is in itself relaxing, and I have no doubt using the time to just be still for a few minutes is also healthful. If I feel I need to “do” something, I use the time for positive visualization. Either way, I love having an excuse to go lie down and take a time out!

Con three: Frequency

The third thing I have heard is it sounds like people’s symptoms return if they stop using it, although they can go longer between sessions as time goes on. The PEMF is very new to our area so none of us has had much time to use it. I would imagine how often you need it depends on the person, but I’m not aware of hard and fast rules in this area.

Also, we live in a very, very toxic world. Our bodies have so much to deal with already. I believe we must incorporate strategies such as the PEMF to help support our bodies through the many unnatural stressors it endures on a daily basis.

Why are you doing a PEMF blog?

I am very excited about the results we’re seeing. Also, I have so much more energy since using it, I’m pouring some of that energy into writing about it so we can share our experiences. Many, many people today are in chronic pain and suffering miserably from one ailment or another. One of my jobs is to answer emails from people suffering from Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease, and I have read thousands of heartbreaking stories. These people do not look sick, but they can barely function. Many of them spend most of their time in bed. It has really opened my eyes to what’s going on with many people today.

There have been many times I have been so thankful for conventional medicine (pneumonia, broken bones, emergency surgery, etc.), but our standard health care model is failing people with chronic conditions. My life’s calling is to help educate and inform others about ways to claim their right to health and wellness. My mission is to be an active part of the health care revolution.

If you are interested in learning how to trial a machine, contact me.