PEMF experiment on growing seeds

Plants treated with PEMF daily are heartier and greener.

Plants treated with PEMF  daily (right) are heartier and greener.

I started brassica seeds and treated one batch with the PEMF daily at frequencies varying between sensitive to 25, and for time periods between 16-24 minutes.

The trays are identical — seeds from the same packet, soil from the same bag, put in the same window, watered the same. My kitchen is not a lab, but we’re doing the best we can to make it objective and measurable.

This is the first photo shot at week two. The PEMF treated plants are sturdier and greener. The untreated plants are taller but more spindly. I’m not a plant expert and am not sure if taller is necessary better. For example, last year our soil mix was wrong and all our veggies bolted straight up really tall, but did not produce well.

More photos to come as the plants grow, but this is very interesting!

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