Portland’s first PEMF conference Saturday Oct. 26



  • A child with autism is finally able to hug his parents.
  • A woman’s debilitating autoimmune disease stops progressing and she becomes pain-free.
  • A senior whose foot is black from neuropathy sees the color and feeling come back.
  • A woman in her 60s is free of insomnia for the first time since childhood.
  • A woman in midlife astonishes doctors with how quickly her fracture heals.
  • A woman with severe adrenal fatigue gains back her energy and sees her autoimmune symptoms fade.
  • A woman’s blood sugar normalizes.
  • A man heals chronic and mysterious dental pain.
  • A man lowers his blood pressure.
  • A child’s asthma improves and she no longer has asthma attacks.

These are just a sampling of the many amazing experiences from Portland-area users of the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy iMRS machine, a device approved medically for bone healing and also used to support chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, autism, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, brain injuries, and myriad other chronic health conditions. Many practitioners use the iMRS to potentiate the effects of their particular modality or therapy, while lay people use it at home for daily support.

To register for the practitioner session, click here.

To register for the free public lecture, visit pemforegon.com.

PEMF conference in Portland


We have so many PEMF users in Portland getting such amazing results that we are now having our first-ever PEMF conference! The conference will include continuing education credits for practitioners (the public can audit that class) as well as a free public lecture about PEMF technology. The conference is Saturday, Oct. 26th at NCNM, the nation’s oldest accredited naturopathic school in North America.

image-dr-travis-j-elliottCE class for health professionals. There will be a class for health care professionals to learn about PEMF technology taught by Dr. Travis Elliott, ND.  The class is from 10 am to 1 pm and offers 3 CEs. The general public may also audit the class. (See below for more info.)

mrs_wolfgangFree public lecture. A free public lecture is from 2 pm to 3:30 pm and will feature a worldwide expert and innovator of PEMF healing systems from Germany, Wolfgang Jaksch. (See below for more info.)

Helps NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, and everyday people

Scientifically proven, extremely safe, and highly effective, PEMF therapy is used by NASA, the Russian space program, professional and Olympic athletes, and by doctors throughout Europe, Asia, and Russia. It is an elegantly designed application that is easy to use by children, seniors, and everyone in between.

How does PEMF work? Both the earth and its atmosphere generate a variety of natural pulsed electromagnetic frequencies upon which all living creatures depend. Each human cell has more than a million receptors for these frequencies—we require them to function. The space programs quickly learned this when astronauts returned from just short times in space significantly weakened and aged (lack of gravity also played a role). Space travel now includes PEMF to help compensate for their absence away from earth.

Why our bodies need natural pulsed electromagnetic fields

So why do we need PEMF therapy here on Earth? Modern living has deprived us of these vital frequencies. WiFi, cell phone waves, radio waves, waves emitted from electrical devices, and more are extremely strong and crowd out the natural waves in the atmosphere. We also shield ourselves from the earth’s natural frequencies through living indoors, concrete, asphalt, and shoes. Plus, our planet’s frequency has declined considerably in the last few centuries, a natural phenomenon that nevertheless adds to the burdens of modern life. It is like the effect in space, only slowed down.

Thankfully, scientists have figured out a way to restore these natural frequencies in the home or doctor’s office with the development of the iMRS PEMF device. One simply needs to regularly lie on a mat that emits PEMF waves.

In addition to oxygen, water, gravity and light, the earth’s magnetic field represents one of the planet’s essential forces on which all life depends.  Without these pulsed electromagnetic fields life on earth would cease to exist. Some researchers assert that the chronic illnesses of today can be attributed partly to a deficiency in these life-giving magnetic fields today, which regular PEMF use replaces.

How to use the PEMF iMRS device

Anyone can use the PEMF iMRS with the exception of pregnant women (due to lack of studies) and those who have electronic implants or epileptic seizures.  The individual lies fully clothed on the full body PEMF mat for eight to 24 minutes. A pillow pad and a wand deliver a slightly different set of frequencies for use on specific areas of pain or injury. Many people feel deeply relaxed (and often fall asleep) while using the iMRS, as well as tingling or warmth as blood circulation improves. At the end of the session many report feeling calm, alert, and focused and enjoying better productivity at work. Others may feel nothing during or immediately after the session, however with regular use they report significant improvements in health, energy, mood, sleep, healing, etc.

First-ever PEMF conference comes to Portland October 26

Discover the health technology Europeans have been using for decades, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. PEMF therapy is approved as a medical device for bone healing and is used successfully to support chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, autism, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, and myriad other chronic health conditions. Dr. Travis Elliott, ND, will talk about PEMF therapy at Portland’s first PEMF conference (3 CEs available for practitioners!).

  • Saturday, October 26, at NCNM Academic Building, Room 107 (049 SW Porter St., Portland).
  • The practitioner lecture is scheduled from 10 am–1 pm, $75 before Oct. 10; $95 after. Discounted rates for students and NCNM faculty and alumni. The public may audit for $15 before Oct. 10; $25 after.

    To register for the practitioner session, click here.

  • Free public lecture from 2–3:30 pm with Wolfglang Jaksch, President Mediconsult Intl.
  • For more information and to register for the free lecture, visit pemforegon.com or call 503-655-3565.

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