Day 4: PEMF banishes fatigue


One thing you hear frequently about PEMF is how it banishes fatigue and depression. The most remarkable results we’ve had so far are an  incredible boost in energy. The PEMF is worth it for that alone, although users also report help with chronic pain, better sleep, autoimmune management, and more.

PEMF successfully helps with fatigue, but don’t overdo it

I went to bed late last night and did not get enough sleep. As someone with adrenal fatigue, this normally obliterates me for the day. This morning I decided to crank the PEMF up to 400, the maximum setting, for a 15-minute session. Wow. Tons of energy.

However, as the day wore on I began to feel ungrounded and scatterbrained and concluded 400 was too high.

Intrigued, my husband also tried his afternoon session at 400 and that was not good. It intensified the pain in his arm, made him feel anxious, and gave him a headache. He also said it made him feel heavy, and that he did not enjoy the alert calmness the PEMF gave him at a lower setting.

So, no more 400 for us. I was told the 400 may be appropriate for the wand or pillow on the hands and feet. People whose PEMF has the iMORE (a device that clips to your ear lobes and adjust the frequency based on your heart rate variability, similar to the Heart Math) say the frequency will sometimes shoot up to 400 during their session.

Also, can’t say if it’s the PEMF or a cold, but my daughter, 12, woke up frequently last night. That evening she did an eight minute session at 25 and another eight minutes with the pillow on her knees at 25. It’s possible that was too much before bed. I am going to do level 10 tonight.

I am enjoying more energy overall, however. In just a few short days I am not having to use adrenal hormone support anymore (although I still take adrenal adaptogen herbs). For me to feel energetic in the morning is nothing short of a miracle. I will have to order an adrenal saliva test after the month trial to see whether my cortisol levels have been affected.

PEMF continues to relieve knee pain–I can do lunges again

I missed my workout class so did some lunges while walking. I was thrilled that the normally severe pain lunges cause in my right knee was only mild. Little to no pain in the left knee.

PEMF helps depression by boosting endorphins

Although I wouldn’t say I was depressed before, I can tell the PEMF is boosting feel-good opioid chemicals, such as endorphins, because I feel happier and more exuberant. An exercise high is a good example of an opioid boost. Opioids are great for your brain and your immune system, helping to dampen inflammation and regulate immune function for people with autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or psoriasis.


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