PEMF as a practitioner’s tool


iMRS_completePortland PEMF iMRS users met Saturday at Healthy Spaces to learn and share our experiences with pulsed electromagnetic therapy. It was nice to get indoors and out of a hot day. The meeting theme focused largely on how practitioners use the iMRS in their practice. The next meeting will be August 10 and we’ll hear how two counselors incorporate the iMRS and sound-light system in their practice.

iMRS conference with CEUs coming in Fall to Portland

Thanks to Healthy Spaces organizing iMRS users into a community, we have caught the attention of Mediconsult and they will host a conference here in the fall (date to be announced). The conference will include continuing education credits for practitioners, which gives us the opportunity to introduce this great technology to practitioners and their patients. More details to come.

PEMF iMRS, visceral manipulation, and cranial sacral therapy.

We heard from Dr. David Young, a Beaverton chiropractor who has been practicing for more than 30 years. Dr. Young practices visceral manipulation and cranial sacral therapy and does his work while his patients are doing an iMRS session. Young explained that although he admires chiropractic, it is distressed organs that throw the spine out of whack, and working directly on the organs can help with skeletal issues and pain. I hope to try this therapy some day!

PEMF iMRS and Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is an interesting bodywork technique that combines energy medicine with work on nerve centers on the body. Although I don’t understand it and am probably describing it incorrectly, I can attest to how powerful it is. Claire, a massage therapist, said she does Bowen work while her clients are on the iMRS mat. I know Bowen therapy is not supposed to be mixed with other modalities, but she said she has noticed significant improvement in outcome since incorporating the mat.

Next meeting–PEMF iMRS and acupuncture

We also heard from acupuncturists who have begun using the mat in their practice. Patients start with a session on the mat while doing the intake, or do a stand-alone session. I’m excited because these gals are going to teach at the September meeting. The iMRS wand can be used to stimulate acupuncture points and I am eager to learn some good acupuncture points to work with every day. Kidney deficiency anyone?

Come to a meeting and enter for a free rental and sessions!

Three lucky guests also won free prizes. One won a free two-week rental, while two more won a package of iMRS sessions. The winner of the free rental said she was going to be doing sessions during a dinner party that night, including for a young Olympic athlete, and for her large network of friends and clients. She arrived curious, fascinated, and well read on the topic, so I’m excited to hear how her experience goes.


  1. Hi there.

    I am very excited to learn about this new vehicle. I hope I get a chance to give it a try.
    I am a documentary film maker and author. I am also an Empowerment Consultant.

    One blog reply that I read had to do with the damage EMF’s can cause. I have been using a grounding sheet on my bed and a pad I use when at the computer. They work amazingly. There are a lot of grounding equipment companies out there and hard to know which to buy. I have researched them all and know these are the best on the market. Please email if you want me to connect you to my friend who sells these. She is a great support person. If you order directly from the company it doesn’t come with support.

    I am excited to see how these products and the PEMF can work together.

    • PEMF is a very different technology than grounding, although both are great. Grounding can help relieve your body of EMFs, while PEMF does that and also gives your body the range of natural magnetic frequencies it needs. I have used both and the difference is staggering. I personally did not notice any benefit from grounding, although I know others have. PEMF, however, gave me my life back!

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