Day 29: PEMF for anti-aging; massage tables for PEMF


PEMF for anti-aging

People don’t realize they’re getting old. After all, you don’t hear a 12-year-old grunt and groan when she gets up off the couch. I think the  concept of the PEMF—feeling and functioning better—is a hard sell because most people have no idea they’re slowly nosediving and could feel better. Many of us have settled for simply functioning when we could be really enjoying life and pushing the envelope to expand our potential.

So for this reason I refer to feeling and functioning better as “anti-aging.” Pulsed electro-magnetic therapy has been shown to improve numerous systems in the body involved in aging. It may not get you a detour from the ultimate destination, but it sure improves the ride.

Massage tables for the PEMF

Where to put the PEMF? It shouldn’t go on a squishy surface, like a sofa, because it can damage the coils. I don’t want to lie on the floor (dog hair, ew!).  We started out with the PEMF on a spare twin mattress on the floor of the bedroom. But when it became clear we would be keeping the PEMF, I went to craigslist to find a massage table.

Buying the massage table turned out to the highlight of my week. I found a young guy, straight out of the pages of Inc. or Entrepreneur magazine, who went into the business of importing and retailing massage tables and accessories. The idea came to him when his girlfriend was in a fender bender and needed massage therapy.

He began with 10 massage tables stored in his basement, advertising on craigslist and Ebay, and meeting people in parking lots for sales. Through hard work and reinvesting his money, he now occupies a space in Milwaukie that he shares with his inventory. He personifies that new online entrepreneurial spirit that is giving the abusive corporate behemoths some much-needed competition (not that the massage table industry has behemoths, I have no idea).

It was $100. I’m not a massage table connoisseur and I’m sure it’s pretty basic compared to the deluxe models, but to be able to buy it from a local businessman who imports them and personally offers a guarantee was oddly thrilling. It was also a very satisfying way to give the finger to the first craigslist seller who kept flaking out on me.

PEMF and psoriasis relief

I continue to be really pleased, if not downright amazed, at the psoriasis taming. With the PEMF my skin has been much smoother and calmer in general. A couple of times I triggered my psoriasis by eating a little egg (when I eat eggs, it means sugar was involved, another immune stressor). Each time my skin began to flare but the PEMF quickly reversed it. In addition to using the mat I have been using the wand on areas most prone to break out at level 25.

PEMF for autoimmune disease

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, the most common one in fact. That the PEMF brings it under control so quickly means it is supporting the immune imbalances that cause autoimmune diseases, including not only psoriasis but also multiple sclerosis, autism, arthritis, and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. The mechanisms are the same in autoimmune diseases, regardless of the tissue being attacked by the immune system.

PEMF frequency, getting it right

I have been playing around with the frequencies. As an American, I confess I ascribe to the “more is better” attitude, and I sometimes overdo it with PEMF frequencies. Luckily I’ve got a good feedback system—too much makes me a little nauseous. After lying on the mat for 16 minutes I began to use the wand at level 50 on my face and soon got nauseous, so too high. Seems 25 on the face is better.

Instead of just waiting for the nausea to wear off I wanted to see if I could reverse it with the PEMF at a different frequency; different frequencies affect different cellular processes. I lied on the mat for four minutes at level 10. This not only did away with the nausea but also made me ultra-relaxed. I am going to experiment more with using the lower setting when I’m feeling stressed or need to chill out.

Speaking of which, my husband is chilling out at the local wine bar right now. Perhaps I will have another PEMF hangover anecdote tomorrow.



  1. You are so right, Elaine. Our initial motiviation for getting a PEMF device is to get out of pain. Once that is achieved, we find ourselves in a better mood, less stressed and with more energy. Continued use of this device is definitely an anti-aging tool. It takes patience but it is worth it.

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