Day 26: PEMF and lower back pain


Not my husband. Back pain in the making.

My husband threw his back out, as he does about once a year or so, always while doing something incredibly routine. This time it was shaving. This typically involves severe pain and compromised mobility. Can’t say the PEMF completely cured him in record time, but it did seem to ease the pain and help relax the muscles, along with a chiropractic visit. He also seems to be coming around more quickly than before. So the PEMF is a good injury back up in terms of speeding along healing.

I have broken my back in the past and my lower back frequently hurts. Just one of those things you get used to. It wasn’t until I thought about it that I realized it hardly ever hurts and feels more limber since using the PEMF.

My beat-up ankle (also an old fracture, youth was treacherous) still tingles every time I use the PEMF. What is interesting is that it tingles more at level 10 than 100, even though 100 is stronger. Sometimes I hear the lower frequencies can be more effective, and as I learn more I see why. Different cellular receptors respond to different frequencies. Apparently many people use the level 10 setting at night before bed as it’s calming. I tried that once and actually had a little bit of a harder time falling asleep that night, so I personally avoid using the PEMF before bed.

PEMF and psoriasis

I keep pushing the autoimmune psoriasis envelope. Last week was my husband’s birthday and we ate at a health food restaurant called Outback Steakhouse. It’s healthy because they offer gluten-free desserts. After dinner we shared gluten-free brownie a la modes, except somehow I ended up eating an entire one myself. No doubt there was egg in that dish, not to mention dairy (and probably gluten). My face threatened to break out again and I have been using the wand over the troubled areas and the psoriasis is already beating a hasty retreat. This is pretty miraculous for my aging vain self, as it’s an out from two to three weeks of disfigurement. But the PEMF should not be used as an excuse for bad behavior.

PEMF and magnetic field deficiency

I broke down and bought the $81 PEMF textbook by Dr. Carmichael, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation: Using the Field to Maximize Your Health. I want to learn more about PEMF technology and why it works. It’s well written and reviews many studies on PEMF.

The most interesting thing I learned from the book is that our cells depend on the earth’s magnetic frequency to function. I knew that astronauts become weaker while in space because our brains require the constant pull of gravity for proper function. But lack of Earth’s magnetic frequency is another issue and their suits include wiring that simulates the earth’s magnetic field.

l_lego-minifigure-series-7-viking-woman-54a3Back at ground control we distance ourselves from this frequency with modern dwellings, indoor life, paving, and electromagnetic smog from wifi and various gadgetry (it is hard to wrap my mind around the electricity-powered PEMF not being in this category, but it works at a much gentler frequency with the right variations). Added to this is the fact the earth’s magnetic frequency has been on the decline, from 200 micro-Tesla (don’t ask) several thousand years ago to about 50 today. Even just 1,000 years ago it was at about 100. Our biology has not adapted to this change and some research says this drop in magnetic frequency is partly to blame for the rise in chronic disease. Magnetic frequency is strongest at the poles and weakest at the equator, which helps explain why compasses work and why I’m drawn to northern latitudes.

In the future I’ll talk more about how earth’s magnetic frequency affects us on a cellular level. It’s quite fascinating and totally new information for me.

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