PEMF and healing stories: Autism, paralysis, pain, and sleep apnea


acupressurematlounge chairdavid delightThe action on here has been a little slow on my end, but I continue to use my iMRS mat faithfully. In fact, I have enhanced my daily sessions by putting my iMRS pad on a gravity lounge chair and throwing an acupressure mat on top of it. These are $20 mats you can buy off amazon that are covered in sharp plastic points. Sounds unpleasant, but it’s not, it’s amazing. Really relaxing. The only thing I don’t like about the gravity lounger is now the mat is not under my head. So sometimes I do a session with the full body mat, then I do a session with the pillow pad under my head. Together with my David Delight sound-light brain training system I look a full-on geek, but who cares, I’m blissed out. Swiss Bionics also sells a sound-light system that can be integrated with the mat. I already had one, so I just use mine and can plug in some hypnosis tracks from my iPhone as well.

The iMRS PEMF mat and healing stories

Here are some great testimonials from users:


“I actually should’ve made some notes about my son’s functioning before he started. He’s making leaps and bounds! Interacting more and more wanting to play games (he still plays Candyland!) and just more ‘with it’ than ever.”


“I have a client who has ‘Man In Barrel Syndrome,’ which means  she has no use of her arms, shoulders and upper body…for the last five years. After using the iMRS PEMF for the last four months she has twitching muscles in her one arm and in her upper back for the first time in five years!  I have not been this excited or happy since my own daughter walked because of iMRS PEMF.”

Sleep apnea

“Just a quick note about a client — she has had great pain relief in just a few months but one of the most exciting results is that she no longer has to use her CPAP machine!”


“I used Omnium1 for three months: It alleviated arthritis in my upper joint of my right arm and improved my general health. It is a great health device!”

“After 3 hours in the car on a road trip my hip was burning and the joint exceedingly painful. An hour with the pillow pad at level 200 and the next morning the pain was gone – iMRS saved the day again.”

That’s all for now. Contact me if you’d like the amazing iMRS PEMF device for your own use. I feel strongly that due to the massive amounts of EMF pollution that has cut us off from the earth’s natural frequencies that these devices will one day be standard in every home. In the meantime, some of us will just have to content ourselves being way ahead of the pack.


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