PEMF and children–good for tantrums, bruises, EMF protection


It has not been easy to get my two daughters, 12 and almost 10, on the PEMF regularly. The idea of just lying still for eight minutes is a hard sell for a young person. But I am renewing my efforts as I renew my education on the effects of EMFs from cell phones, iPods, iPads, computers, WiFi, and those other invisible monsters of modern life that harm our physiology. I am hearing of far too many people in their 20s and 30s having trouble sleeping. I find it alarming, and don’t recall anyone having sleep issues when I was that young, back when we didn’t have cell phones or WiFi and the computer was just hitting the scene.

It’s unrealistic for me to ban technology from our lives, so I hope some time spent each day on the PEMF will neutralize the effects. I got my uber-organized Type A daughter to make a chart for time spent on the PEMF and my daughters will earn money for each session. I do not give my children an allowance, instead they must work if they want money, so this is an easy way for them to earn. I wish their compliance didn’t have to cost me money, but I figure it’s a good investment in their health.

PEMF for childhood tantrums and emotional distresssuper-volcano-eruption

What most inspired me to get my children back on the mat was another mom’s story about how the PEMF calmed temper tantrums in her six-year-old. My 12-year-old was extremely distraught one evening, the most upset I think I have ever seen her. I remembered the story about the tantrum and had her lie on the mat at the sensitive setting for 20 minutes. It was late and I hoped it would calm her enough to fall asleep. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes she finally calmed down. She was open to trying the PEMF because of how well it has worked on minor injuries sustained during acrobatics. She says it’s “magic.”

I had my nine-year-old lay on her side with her  jaw against the mat after a visit to the dentist. A numbing shot to fill a cavity turned out to be extremely painful and distressful (hard to tell which hurts worse, the shot or the drilling). It calmed her anxiety and perked her energy back up so she could go play with a friend. Now she has a cold with a sore throat and a headache and I’m having her lie on it just for general support. Hard to say if it’s making a difference but her sore throat is abating on day two. I did have a friend bring his daughter by with an earache a while back and the earache went away while she lied on the mat.

PEMF for bumps and bruises

The mom who talked about the PEMF helping with childhood tantrums also said it works great on bruises. In fact, she said if you get two bruises at the same time, use the PEMF wand on one but not the other and witness for yourself how quickly the treated bruise disappears.


  1. Wow – imagine a world where our children know what to do when they are “out of sorts”. Your daughters are indeed fortunate to have a mom who is showing them another way to deal with the normal ups and downs of life.

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