July iMRS PEMF specials


iMRS_completeThe astounding testimonials about pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology continue to pour in, especially in regards to autoimmunity, sleep, pain, and energy. I hope you will join us at our March meeting to learn more about this life-changing technology — we have quite a few practitioners attend regularly. Info to come later.


Please let me know if you would like a no-obligation trial of this technology for your office for one month. The cost is $500 and allows you to use the iMRS in your home or office with no obligation to purchase. If you do purchase, the rental cost is applied toward purchase.


SBS is offering a great lease-to-own offer special for practitioners. You receive three units, a Professional iMRS mat to use for the office and two Complete iMRS mats to rent to your patients for a fee. Just keeping the two mats rented will pay the cost of your lease, which is already affordable. You can also lease to own just the Complete mat for about $150 a month.


The makers of the iMRS pad, Swiss Bionics Solutions, is offering an amazing special this month. If you purchase the iMRS Complete, which you tried at the conference, you will be automatically upgraded to the iMRS Professional system (an $840 value) AND you will receive a FREE iSLRS (a $599 value). This is a light-sound brain wave entrainment system designed to work with the mat.


For more info about the science and to read the studies, check out http://pemf.com.

Using the iMRS PEMF mat profoundly influenced my health and is allowing me to squeeze so much more out of life than I could before. I am happier, more productive, and much healthier.  I feel so blessed to have discovered this technology and hope I can encourage you to try it for yourself and your patients! Please contact me for more information. You can also learn more at elainefawcett.mediconsult.tv

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