Day 9: PEMF for psoriasis?


This is my daily blog on our experience using the PEMF for one month for chronic pain, fatigue, to sleep better, and other stuff.

Today was the third day without a PEMF session as I’m traveling. My energy is still pretty good, to the point where I’m forgetting it was once a problem. My knee is hurting a little more, but what’s interesting is the possible effect of the PEMF on a psoriasis outbreak.

Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease and causes red, scaly patches on the skin that can also burn. People get it on various places on the body. Of course, I only get it on my face. I have found my primary trigger is egg so I can largely control by avoiding that (sob), but as with any autoimmune disease, other things mysteriously trigger it.

A couple of days before my trip the itchy bumps that signal the begin of a flare up appeared. I used the PEMF wand at level 25 or 50 a few times in addition to my regular sessions on the mat. Since then the flare up has skipped the two weeks of unsightly, inflamed patches and is already at the smoother, going-away stage. Of course, I can’t say definitively using the wand curbed the flare up, but if it did, I wonder what it can do for wrinkles or other skin conditions.

PEMF for headaches and more energy

My husband and daughters are using the PEMF while I’m gone. My husband said today it cleared a headache in the afternoon and boosted his energy. He continues to feel relaxation effects on spasms of pain in his left arm from an old brachial plexus and spinal cord injury.

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