Day 7: PEMF session powers the day


This is my daily blog on our experience using the PEMF for one month for chronic pain, fatigue, to sleep better, and other stuff.

Did PEMF win against the Ninja norovirus?

Yesterday I did an early evening PEMF session at 100, which is higher than normal, because I was coming down with a sore throat, cough, and fatigue—perhaps the dreaded norovirus. It helped with symptom relief and energy so that I could get packed to go out of town.

This morning I did a 20-minute session at 150 to power me through a long day of traveling while down with a virus. Except it turns out I wasn’t down; my energy was actually quite high from the get go. Usually my morning energy is low due to adrenal fatigue so this is still taking some getting used to, like I’m borrowing someone else’s body.

Not only did I feel fine while crammed into a packed Southwest plane (do they come any other way?), I felt fine skipping lunch. Normally if I don’t eat my blood sugar plummets and I start to get jittery and spaced out. This is typical with adrenal fatigue. I felt hungry but my energy and brain function were fine, which was also new but delightful. However, as soon as we walked into Whole Foods in Encinitas, nine hours since my last meal, I started to crumble and was forced to shoplift from the salad bar.

PEMF and sugar cravings

Here’s the other weird thing. I have one day a week “off” from my diet to eat sugar or something more decadent than normal (although still avoiding food intolerances.) Since I”m traveling, I made today my day off. Before takeoff I had a naked burrito with some rice and beans, which, after being grain-free for a while, is like eating a sofa cushion. In the evening I bought a chocolate-covered caramel at Whole Foods and didn’t want to eat it. This is unprecedented, I had permission! I put it in my pocket and took it for a walk, but still it lacked appeal. So I’m saving it for the next day off (or maybe a crisis, I have to drive to LA tomorrow during morning rush hour).

Haven’t checked in with my husband yet.

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