Day 6: PEMF versus the cold or flu virus


The last couple of days my lungs and throat have been feeling a bit rough. A virus has been knocking people to the ground around here, and I wondered how the PEMF would match up with this virus.

Today the sore throat and coughing came on more strongly and I started to feel run down in the late afternoon. I still had to walk the dog and pack for an out-of-town trip (for which I will be taking my virus but not the PEMF machine, wah!) so did a 20-minute session at a 100 instead of 50. Ta da! I wasn’t cured, but symptoms and energy lifted enough for me to be able to get through the evening’s tasks absent of self-pity. My energy did not feel high enough to go to my weight-lifting class though.

So perhaps the PEMF may improve resilience to a virus or symptoms. Unfortunately, I won’t know for sure as I can only do one session before leaving early in the morning. My daughter, however, who is in throes of coughing, sneezing, and sore throat, she said it helps her feel better. She even asked if I could show her how to use it while I’m gone. I had decided I was going to take it with me and experiment on my 78-year-old mother, but got talked out of that.

PEMF on chronic pain from injury

My husband has found the spasms of pain that are a constant for him relax almost exactly at eight minutes at level 100. Still trying to get an idea of how long relief lasts and whether it might last longer the more he uses it.


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