Day 5: Could PEMF be curbing sugar cravings?


We continue to notice good results with the PEMF in terms of chronic pain, more energy, more brain power, and better sleep.

But something occurred to me. Could the PEMF be curbing sugar cravings and cravings in general? I am at a time of the month when cravings are at their strongest, particularly for chocolate (you know what I’m talking about, ladies). I realized the cravings were gone the way you realize a headache has dissipated or how nice it is not to wear that one bra.

I have largely curbed cravings with a Paleo diet and by avoiding foods that trigger my immune system, which include grains, eggs, dairy, and too many starchy carbs. I eat this way out of necessity, not because I’m punishing myself. But unlike the Paleo gods pictured paddle boarding or swinging a kettle bell, I still struggle with excess weight and some cravings. Imagine if the PEMF worked for weight loss…

Here’s an interesting look at how the PEMF affects blood and circulation.

PEMF continues to lessen knee pain and ankle pain

I continue to enjoy less knee pain. I realized I brace myself every time I stand up, sit down, or go up a stairs, expecting my knees to hurt. I don’t need to anymore. My right knee did hurt a little more after doing the lunges and walking for an hour in my barefoot shoes on asphalt, but  went away again after a couple of PEMF sessions. I hope it continues to improve. (No more barefoot shoes on concrete and asphalt.)

The mat still makes my injured ankle tingly. An interesting development was feeling a lot of sensation around the scarred area. Not pain, just sensation. I wondered if the PEMF works on breaking up scar tissue and a google search revealed it may, or at least prevent too much of it. One woman used it to get rid of her C-section scar.

My 12-year-old said the PEMF “cured” her left knee. She came home from two hours of dance, however, with considerable right knee pain and actually asked to use the PEMF. Hip hop is hard on the knees apparently. She said it helped a lot. My pet name for this daughter is “La General,” so her compliance and willingness says a lot.

I did manage to get my nine-year-old on it at night and said she noticed nothing. Of course her only complaints are mandatory Lego and guitar classes, so the PEMF can’t do much for that.

Improved mental clarity and stamina, better sleep, more morning energy

My favorite thing about the PEMF is the improved mental clarity, alertness, and focus. I noticed it right away after both sessions today, and the effect was sustained through the rest of the day. No energy crashes. I had a long, busy day that pulled me in multiple directions. Normally this makes me  frantic, but I was able to maintain a relaxed state without flagging. I am also still completely wowed by my morning energy!

By the way, I used the PEMF at 100 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. Did not use it at night as it does energize me. At night I use my Alpha-Stim Dr. Elliott recommended to relax me or lull me back to sleep if I wake up, I love this thing.

Overall, I am sleeping more deeply and not waking up all the time. However, I am still waking up after four to five hours, as I have done for quite a while. This is a symptom of adrenal fatigue. Luckily, I am able to fall back asleep. Perhaps I will improve in this area.

My husband: Pain spasms relax, more energy

The main thing my husband continues to report is the PEMF makes the chronic spasms of pain in his left arm relax, which provides relief. We’re hoping the continual use will train his brain to maintain that relaxation for longer periods and then, who knows, begin to more significantly relieve the pain.

We  work at  separate desks in the dining room (just like in Coraline!) and I have definitely noticed we are both more energetic and buoyant. There have been no grumpy breakdowns since bringing the PEMF home.


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