Day 3: PEMF results with chronic pain and fatigue in just three days


PEMF may be helping me sleep better

It’s too soon to say if it’s the PEMF, but since using sleep has much improved. Sleep has been an issue here in my mid-forties. I am prone to insomnia, waking up frequently, and sleeping lightly. I will use it the entire month to make a solid evaluation, but I have heard many good reports, including from a couple of women who had insomnia for 40+ years! If you ever had chronic insomnia or sleep difficulties, you know what an especially cruel form of torture they are.

PEMF and cold virus

Yesterday morning my throat hurt and my lungs hurt. Everyone and their dog is sick, figured it was my time. Have been using the PEMF in earnest and today my symptoms seem to be gone. Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.

PEMF and energy; depression

This morning I did 20 minutes at 200 and went from groggy to very energetic and ready to start my day! Feeling very productive, starting a PEMF News blog! After my noon session today I  used the wand for four minutes at level 50 on each carotid artery on the neck. A woman at the group yesterday, who has been dealing with the effects of a brain injury she sustained when three years old, said doing that resolved her long-time depression. Wow, giving it a shot. Because the PEMF stimulates blood flow, I’m thinking using it on the carotid arteries stimulates blood flow to the brain.

PEMF and knee pain and ankle pain

Just finished my midday session, 20 minutes at 100 (I feel like I’m talking about a turkey). My bum ankle felt tingly again, it’s a nice feeling, like it’s getting the attention in needs. I look forward to test driving it doing some stuff that typically hurts it.

I was astounded during my evening walk. My knees didn’t hurt going up hills. My back didn’t hurt by the end of the walk. I also walked up a flight of stairs yesterday and…no knee pain!!! These are things I have just gotten used to and minimize through a grain-free and dairy-free diet, high doses of curcumin, proteolyic enzymes, and so forth. But gone, just gone. Wow. I can’t way to try doing lunges tomorrow morning when I work out. Those usually are pretty painful for my knees.

Husband: PEMF good for more energy and even possibly hangovers!

My husband is trying it now too. He has chronic pain in his left shoulder and arm from a brachial plexus (area in the shoulder) and spinal injury and we are trialing it primarily for that. Yesterday he was a little hungover and headachy from too much wine Friday night. I texted him from the PEMF user’s group at Healthy Spaces and told him to up the frequency to 100, based on what others were sharing. He said it made his back feel warm and tingly and, best of all, his headache and hangover vanished! (He’s not one to get hung over on a regular basis, but what a great hangover remedy!)

PEMF improved energy and mood

He reported it made him more alert, less edgy, less groggy, and more energetic. He felt better emotionally. He was able to be very productive until late in the night and then slept like a rock.

PEMF and pain from injuries

As for arm pain, it relaxed the pain, as well as the cramping and burning sensation.  It was like a wave of calm washed over the area. But then by the end of the session the pain returned and the next morning it was hurting again. So we are thinking he needs to go to a lower frequency.

This morning (Sunday) he did his morning session at 200 for 16 minutes. He said he felt a jabbing sensation in his arm during the session. Before this session his pain was a rhythmic cramping. Now the pain is just an even stinging, not coming in waves. Just consistent discomfort. So still pain, but the nature of it has changed. But he does not like the spasms of pain because they are very distracting.

He had the same experience with his second session today, still at 200. The spasming was replaced by a more even, relaxed pain (wait, did I just call pain relaxed?). Overall he says there is more pain relief today than yesterday, so we are hopeful for continued improvement.

12-year-old: Knee pain vanishes with PEMF!

My 12-year-old daughter has been really griping about her knees. She is very active in dance and acrobatics, but her knees started hurting when she added in track as well (which she promptly dropped). Unfortunately, she inherited the crappy knees I inherited from my dad. She is not interested in controlling her pain with a grain-free, dairy-free diet (although the whole family is gluten-free) and I am less interested these days in controlling what she eats. I believe it may be psoriatic arthritis, which is autoimmune, as we have psoriasis, an autoimmune condition, as well.

This morning she said her knees hurt really bad. She also still experiences pain from a sprained ankle months ago. I put her on the mat for eight minutes at 100 and then used the pillow at 200 on her knees for another eight minutes. (You would have thought I was asking her to spend time in a Siberian prison – “Sixteen minutes?!? OMG, that’s soooooo loooooong!!!”)

But wow, a dramatic before-and-after! She got up and said she was completely pain-free. So now she is more motivated and having to spend a half hour a day on the unit is sounding less arduous. In the evening she did eight minutes at level 25 and the wand on her ankle at level 25 for another eight minutes. We’ll get a report on the ankle after some dance classes.

Have yet to pin down the nine-year-old. May have to duct tape to her the mat.


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