Day 21: PEMF as a marriage saver

Banish the grumpies with PEMF.

Banish the grumpies with PEMF.

I was talking to a friend who has been using the PEMF for a while now and she joked it’s a marriage saver. None of us realizes it, but all those bad days, grumpy outbursts, getting easily irritated, losing our patience and so on take their toll on all relationships, not just marriages. Sure, it’s not as bad as putting someone’s head through a wall, but being a drag sets others on edge. There is just a whole lot less of that since using the PEMF.

PEMF and flu virus

This morning my husband woke up with this virus we’ve all had. After a morning nap and a PEMF session his upset stomach and headache went away and his energy had perked up enough that he could work  the rest of the day. I am on the upswing and feel the PEMF helped sustain my energy and keep symptoms mild.

PEMF and pain

My daughter reports since using the PEMF her chronic knee pain is three-quarters gone (she had been complaining quite a bit about it and I haven’t heard her say anything since), the pain from her ankle sprain went away, and her lower back pain, from doing so many back bends and walkovers in acrobats, is feeling a lot better. It’s unnerving when a 12-year-old complains of chronic pain, but really exciting to see it resolve so quickly and so easily.

PEMF and circadian rhythm

In addition to sleeping longer and more deeply, I noticed an enhanced circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle. Although it wasn’t too bad before, I am prone to wanting to stay up late and skip mornings. I have noticed I am getting sleepy in the evening and really want to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Like now, except I have to write this blog post. I have always blamed it on lack of discipline, but my internal mechanics had more to do with it than I realized.

PEMF, pimp? What?

PEMF, pimp, what?Today I remembered when my friend first started telling me about the PEMF I thought she was saying “pimp.” She was like, “This pimp is great, the pimp is really helping my friends, people love the pimp,” and I was like, I gotta meet this pimp!


  1. You nailed it, Elaine! We have really noticed this around our house and so have some of our clients who have had their systems for a while. It sort of “takes the edge off” and helps me to let things go that used to really irk me.

    Most of us are drawn to the MRS for pain relief but this mood thing is really a bonus! Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us.

  2. My first experience with the iMRS showed me how powerful this therapy is. The first week I had the machine I happened to strain my low back so badly that I couldn’t move without excruciating pain. My partner applied two eight minute sessions of iMRS directly to my low back twice that evening. The next morning I could at least walk. I used it again that morning and within a short time I was feeling much better. By the next day I was back at work as if nothing had ever happened. Ironically I was happy to have had such a scary experience. It proved just how powerful this therapy is, but the speed at which the acute pain resolved really surprised me. Leave it to German technology!

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