Day 19: PEMF still helping with energy, psoriasis, mood, and chronic health


I’m still sick. This morimagesning I thought I was better. My energy was good, lung congestion was nearly non-existent, and I was able to get some chores done. I find doing house chores is a great barometer of mood and energy because I am not naturally domesticated. But then walking the dog felt like running a marathon (not that I know what that feels like) and I was pretty fatigued after. So I did a 16-minute PEMF session at 100. Although I was not ready to run a marathon, I could at least get off the couch and get on with the day.

PEMF helps with autoimmune psoriasis

A few days ago I had a couple of bites of a gluten-free lemon bar from our local gluten-free bakery. The egg in these little bites is all it takes to trigger a psoriasis flare-up on my face. Sure enough, a few tell tale itchy red bumps appeared on my forehead, making me rue my lack of will (vanity versus sugar, always a vicious battle). But now they’re gone! Attack averted. I’ve heard about how PEMF has helped other people with chronic autoimmune conditions and am pretty excited to have this great tool to prevent or manage flare-ups. Of course, it’s not an excuse to indulge in unhealthy vices, but sometimes dessert happens.

I also now use the wand (I refuse to call it a probe) on my face every day at either level of 25 or 50. I have this crazy idea it will help with wrinkles and aging skin. Why not? I should take a before photo before I grow too young.

My husband’s energy and mood still seems better than it used to be, as does mine, even though I’m sick. I think a lot of people are grumpy and negative because on some level they don’t feel or function well.

PEMFing your friends

My friend Claire, massage therapist and cranial-sacral therapist extraordinaire, came over this morning to practice Bowen therapy on my daughter, who was home sick, and me. I got her started with a PEMF session and she came out of  PEMF room (aka bedroom) all jello-like and relaxed. She later said she felt much more tired after the session, but that reflected where her true energy levels were. Also, sore tooth and jaw pain disappeared, and a tight neck and shoulder blade loosened up and felt better.

It’s funny because some people feel nothing in the beginning and for others the effects are quite noticeable.

How long does it take to notice PEMF effects?

The studies and clinical anecdotes on PEMF are ample enough to verify something is happening, even though not everyone notices right away. I confess a few individual sessions didn’t really make much of an impression on me. It wasn’t until I started using it several times a day every day that the “wow” effect struck me.

At the last PEMF user’s group at Healthy Spaces I listened to a man talk about his experiences with the PEMF. He, too, noticed little effect from using the PEMF once a week (although many people do). When he rented the machine for a month he noticed enough benefit to be persuaded to buy one. But it wasn’t until three months of continuous use that he experienced significant relief from many acute conditions: back pain, inflammation, neuropathy in his hands and feet, headaches, muscle spasms, and more. He found that as time went on the relief lasted longer and longer.

He also experienced improved mental clarity, increased stamina, and feeling more positive instead of slightly depressed. As someone who had tried a lot of remedies over the years, he found it exceeded his expectations.


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