Day 15: PEMF, virus, energy, better sleep, and brain fog


This is my daily blog on our experience using the PEMF for one month for chronic pain, fatigue, to sleep better, and other stuff.

I have surrendered to the virus and will commence with my convalescence. Now I must evaluate the effect of the PEMF as a sick person. Because I spend my days reading and writing about chronic disease, viruses always make me a little panicky. I am a woman who gets man colds. But a quick scientific survey on Facebook revealed friends and neighbors are also struggling with this weeks-long virus that ebbs and flows. Between traveling, too many squats (there are daggers in my thighs), and trying to fight off this virus, my body threw in the towel yesterday and I spent the evening couch-bound and watching Hulu.

Could PEMF be reducing virus symptoms?

However, I think the PEMF is helping viral symptoms. Energy is low but otherwise symptoms are mild. I have been doing short, frequent sessions on the map and realized what a good mood I am in all the time. Almost euphoric at times. My brain is operating pretty well, all things considered, and I am able to work. When my energy starts to crater I do a short PEMF session and am immediately revived and clear-headed, sometimes to an astounding degree (like now). This is great for productivity.

I used the mat on my chest to help my lungs this afternoon at 200, which left me feeling a little nauseous. Lower frequency for that, but my lungs hurt less.

After several minutes into each session I suddenly feel my entire body completely unwind and relax. Makes me realize how tense I am naturally.  Most of us are.

PEMF helping me sleep better

The other thing I have noticed is I seem to be sleeping more deeply and with less wake-ups since using the PEMF regularly. As my sleep quality shifts during the month based on what’s going on hormone-wise, I’m eager to see how I sleep during times when it’s usually rough. The PEMF is totally worth it if it helps me sleep better. Sleep issues are no joke for perimenopausal women, and can drag on for years.

I am having trouble getting my two daughters on the PEMF since I went out of town. My nine-year-old gets very squirmy. My 12-year-old is actually quite sick with the same virus, hacking up her lungs, and too resistant to use it. Or I’m too lazy of a parent, depending on how you look at it.

PEMF creating more energy; banishing afternoon fatigue

My husband used the PEMF faithfully in my absence and says overall his energy levels are better and he does not have energy crashes like he used to. He does not need his late afternoon coffee and has been working longer hours. For me, the increased energy, better mood, and better sleep have been the best thing.

Oh, and my knee pain is diminishing again. That came back while I was away. And it continues to make my old, beat-up ankle tingle, so there must be a lot of healing to do there.

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