Day 13: PEMF me up Scotty, this planet sucks


This is my daily blog on our experience using the PEMF for one month for chronic pain, fatigue, to sleep better, and other stuff.

The last two days were rough and I’m glad to be home using the PEMF again. Two days ago I had a long night of zombie apocalypse nightmares followed by a headache upon awakening and generally feeling like garbage all day. The mystery virus that has been coming and going decided to reappear. Neither aspirin nor an acai bowl could lift me out of my funk. The next night involved much headaches and a very early rising for the flight home, which was populated by sick people blasting their mucous all over the place. When I arrived home I immediately hit the PEMF mat for a 20-minute session at 200 and 10 minutes at 50, during which my sweet nine-year-old gave me a complete makeover that included plenty of eyeliner.

Although I was still tired from sleep deprivation I did feel revived enough after that session to finish up some work due that day. PEMF has been shown to raise eNOS levels. eNOS is a gas that boosts blood flow and helps dampen inflammation. I definitely felt my brain brighten up despite the fatigue and effects of the virus. Dr. Kharrazian explains more about nitric oxide on his blog.

This morning I’m still feeling a bit rough and started the day with a 20 minute PEMF session at 150. I suspect it will take a few sessions to get back to my pre-PEMF withdrawal state. But the session boosted my brain power enough that I think I may just be able to meet this busy day with all pistons firing.

Update: Did five PEMF sessions today, one on my knee. Energy and mood steadily improved all day. Workout in the early evening with a gazillion squats and lunges. Knees hurt on the lunges so I gave them a spot treatment. But they didn’t hurt so bad I couldn’t do the exercises.

Warning: Husbands may use PEMF to drink more

During the last few years my husband seems to have developed a sensitivity to wine — it gives him a headache. Perhaps a sulfite sensitivity, who knows. However, this doesn’t always stop him from drinking it. In my absence he discovered he can drink wine and then use the PEMF to clear the headache. Not exactly what I had in  mind when bringing the PEMF home, but evidence nonetheless.

He did, however, report continued pain relief with his arm, so that’s good.


  1. Can’t wait to start my one month trial and good to know about the vino headaches.

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