Day 1: Is PEMF a solution for chronic pain and better sleep?


Friends in Portland, OR told me about the success of PEMF for chronic pain, better sleep, depression, arthritis, PTSD, fibromyalgia, Lyme, autoimmune disease, and more. We had to try it and I signed on for a trial.

I picked up my PEMF machine from Dr. Elliott and am pretty excited! Dr. Elliott and his colleague, Dr. Schwartzman, offer PEMF therapy in their office and it draws quite a few people. In fact, Dr. Elliott had to move to his new, larger office because the demand for PEMF had grown so great.

I blow up a Thermarest pad, put that on the bed for a more rigid surface, and the mat on top of that. Monday I am borrowing a massage table for the trial period and hope some neighbors will try it too.

Had my first session for 24 minutes at a frequency of 25, which is very low. It goes up to a 400. Didn’t really notice anything.

My husband has an old brachial plexus and spinal cord injury that has left him with permanent and often severe pain in his left arm. We are trying the PEMF mainly for them, although he never complains.

I am trying it for sleep issues, which began deteriorating after having children and have gotten worse in the last couple of years. Most likely a perimenopausal thing, I’m 46. I also have achy knees and lower back pain from abusing my body in my youth, as well as chronic adrenal fatigue and low thyroid activity (low T3). I realize I’m aging, but it’s not like I have any less to do!

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