Day 32: A PEMF review

PEMF therapy for chronic pain, fatigue, better sleep, depression, arthritis, autoimmune disease, fibromyagia, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more.

PEMF therapy for chronic pain, fatigue, better sleep, depression, arthritis, autoimmune disease, fibromyagia, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and more.

So we have a had a solid month to try the PEMF and have gained good insight into its uses and effects. My husband and I were both very disciplined about using it two or more times a day and monitoring how it affected us. Below is a synopsis.

PEMF helps me sleep better, have more energy, and less pain

The most striking results for me (female, 46) were:

  • Significantly improved sleep
  • Easier time waking up and more morning energy
  • Better energy overall
  • Greatly improved mood
  • Significantly dampened autoimmunity (psoriasis)
  • Significant reduction of knee pain
  • Immune support during virus
  • More naturally inclined to do housework (yay!)
  • Fingernails growing a lot faster (annoying actually)

For my husband (male, 58):

  • Woke up feeling more rested (he already slept great)
  • Naturally waking up earlier
  • PEMF--slept like a husbandImproved mood (trust me on this one)
  • Helped improve back pain when he injured it
  • Improved energy—no longer crashing in the afternoon (drinking less coffee now)
  • Reduced discomfort in arm from 20-year-old spinal injury (he says it still has a ways to go)
  • More mentally calm but alert—PEMF sessions helped him think through problems and find solutions
  • Great hangover remedy—cleared up headache pain and lethargy after drinking wine the night before (he tested this twice to make sure, will probably test more)

PEMF helps many sleep better

For me, the most joyful result was long nights of deep sleep. When you don’t sleep well regularly this is like winning the lottery. I still had some nights around the middle and end of my cycle where I slept fewer hours and not as deeply. But even then, I  awoke with energy that lasted throughout the day. Prior to the PEMF, sleep deprivation pretty much trashed me.

PEMF for autoimmune disease

The second most joyful thing was going an entire month without a major psoriasis flare up. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, so this says to me the PEMF holds much promise for all autoimmune diseases, from eczema to multiple sclerosis. The mechanism is the same regardless the tissue affected, so you want to address the underlying cause. I have heard some amazing stories in our area, including for autism (which is often autoimmune) and an autoimmune disease that causes the bones to fuse together.

PEMF for pain, immunity, mood

My chronic knee pain improved steadily as the month went on. It still spikes occasionally, but I no longer wince going up stairs. This sounds weird, but sometimes my knees feel great. After  playing roller derby for two years and falling on them hundreds of times, I baby my knees now. Pain from old ankle and back injury also very much improved.

I had a virus during the PEMF trial and although I still got sick, my symptoms were very mild and I had enough energy to work every day. I noticed my energy improve after each PEMF session during the virus.

The other thing, which is hard to measure but lovely to experience, is an overall increase in well-being, positivity, and good mood. I find it easier to imagine better things for my life and take action toward them.

What the PEMF cannot do

It’s not like the PEMF totally cured me of every little complaint. As an experiment I quit taking all of my supplements for about five days and started to notice my energy waning without my adrenal and thyroid glandular support (I have adrenal fatigue and low T3). However, I need less for a much bigger effect. If you take medications I  suggest working with your doctor as you may need to adjust your dosages.

PMSIt didn’t cure hormone issues for me (if it did I would be a millionaire). As I mentioned, sleep is still a bit straggly at certain times of the month, and I still got a little PMSy (sorry bank guy—after holding for a half hour only to be told you couldn’t help me—not my most ladylike moment).

If I ate egg the psoriasis started to appear but quickly retreated, so the PEMF is not really an excuse to eat a crap diet. Had I persisted in eating egg I’m sure the psoriasis would have gained a foothold. If you have food intolerances you still need to honor that and other healthy practices.

PEMF for autism

Also, the PEMF does not work just sitting there in the bedroom while you are in the living room. You actually have to use it two to three times a day, which can be an adjustment to your schedule. For me it is a great excuse to do some reading. But it was for this reason I never really got my kids on it regularly. However, my 12-year-old did get great results from a knee injury using it a few times. I also know a local practitioner who has seen amazing improvement in his son’s autism symptoms, so with determination it’s possible to get children on it regularly.

Day 29: PEMF for anti-aging; massage tables for PEMF


PEMF for anti-aging

People don’t realize they’re getting old. After all, you don’t hear a 12-year-old grunt and groan when she gets up off the couch. I think the  concept of the PEMF—feeling and functioning better—is a hard sell because most people have no idea they’re slowly nosediving and could feel better. Many of us have settled for simply functioning when we could be really enjoying life and pushing the envelope to expand our potential.

So for this reason I refer to feeling and functioning better as “anti-aging.” Pulsed electro-magnetic therapy has been shown to improve numerous systems in the body involved in aging. It may not get you a detour from the ultimate destination, but it sure improves the ride.

Massage tables for the PEMF

Where to put the PEMF? It shouldn’t go on a squishy surface, like a sofa, because it can damage the coils. I don’t want to lie on the floor (dog hair, ew!).  We started out with the PEMF on a spare twin mattress on the floor of the bedroom. But when it became clear we would be keeping the PEMF, I went to craigslist to find a massage table.

Buying the massage table turned out to the highlight of my week. I found a young guy, straight out of the pages of Inc. or Entrepreneur magazine, who went into the business of importing and retailing massage tables and accessories. The idea came to him when his girlfriend was in a fender bender and needed massage therapy.

He began with 10 massage tables stored in his basement, advertising on craigslist and Ebay, and meeting people in parking lots for sales. Through hard work and reinvesting his money, he now occupies a space in Milwaukie that he shares with his inventory. He personifies that new online entrepreneurial spirit that is giving the abusive corporate behemoths some much-needed competition (not that the massage table industry has behemoths, I have no idea).

It was $100. I’m not a massage table connoisseur and I’m sure it’s pretty basic compared to the deluxe models, but to be able to buy it from a local businessman who imports them and personally offers a guarantee was oddly thrilling. It was also a very satisfying way to give the finger to the first craigslist seller who kept flaking out on me.

PEMF and psoriasis relief

I continue to be really pleased, if not downright amazed, at the psoriasis taming. With the PEMF my skin has been much smoother and calmer in general. A couple of times I triggered my psoriasis by eating a little egg (when I eat eggs, it means sugar was involved, another immune stressor). Each time my skin began to flare but the PEMF quickly reversed it. In addition to using the mat I have been using the wand on areas most prone to break out at level 25.

PEMF for autoimmune disease

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, the most common one in fact. That the PEMF brings it under control so quickly means it is supporting the immune imbalances that cause autoimmune diseases, including not only psoriasis but also multiple sclerosis, autism, arthritis, and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. The mechanisms are the same in autoimmune diseases, regardless of the tissue being attacked by the immune system.

PEMF frequency, getting it right

I have been playing around with the frequencies. As an American, I confess I ascribe to the “more is better” attitude, and I sometimes overdo it with PEMF frequencies. Luckily I’ve got a good feedback system—too much makes me a little nauseous. After lying on the mat for 16 minutes I began to use the wand at level 50 on my face and soon got nauseous, so too high. Seems 25 on the face is better.

Instead of just waiting for the nausea to wear off I wanted to see if I could reverse it with the PEMF at a different frequency; different frequencies affect different cellular processes. I lied on the mat for four minutes at level 10. This not only did away with the nausea but also made me ultra-relaxed. I am going to experiment more with using the lower setting when I’m feeling stressed or need to chill out.

Speaking of which, my husband is chilling out at the local wine bar right now. Perhaps I will have another PEMF hangover anecdote tomorrow.


Day 26: PEMF and lower back pain


Not my husband. Back pain in the making.

My husband threw his back out, as he does about once a year or so, always while doing something incredibly routine. This time it was shaving. This typically involves severe pain and compromised mobility. Can’t say the PEMF completely cured him in record time, but it did seem to ease the pain and help relax the muscles, along with a chiropractic visit. He also seems to be coming around more quickly than before. So the PEMF is a good injury back up in terms of speeding along healing.

I have broken my back in the past and my lower back frequently hurts. Just one of those things you get used to. It wasn’t until I thought about it that I realized it hardly ever hurts and feels more limber since using the PEMF.

My beat-up ankle (also an old fracture, youth was treacherous) still tingles every time I use the PEMF. What is interesting is that it tingles more at level 10 than 100, even though 100 is stronger. Sometimes I hear the lower frequencies can be more effective, and as I learn more I see why. Different cellular receptors respond to different frequencies. Apparently many people use the level 10 setting at night before bed as it’s calming. I tried that once and actually had a little bit of a harder time falling asleep that night, so I personally avoid using the PEMF before bed.

PEMF and psoriasis

I keep pushing the autoimmune psoriasis envelope. Last week was my husband’s birthday and we ate at a health food restaurant called Outback Steakhouse. It’s healthy because they offer gluten-free desserts. After dinner we shared gluten-free brownie a la modes, except somehow I ended up eating an entire one myself. No doubt there was egg in that dish, not to mention dairy (and probably gluten). My face threatened to break out again and I have been using the wand over the troubled areas and the psoriasis is already beating a hasty retreat. This is pretty miraculous for my aging vain self, as it’s an out from two to three weeks of disfigurement. But the PEMF should not be used as an excuse for bad behavior.

PEMF and magnetic field deficiency

I broke down and bought the $81 PEMF textbook by Dr. Carmichael, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation: Using the Field to Maximize Your Health. I want to learn more about PEMF technology and why it works. It’s well written and reviews many studies on PEMF.

The most interesting thing I learned from the book is that our cells depend on the earth’s magnetic frequency to function. I knew that astronauts become weaker while in space because our brains require the constant pull of gravity for proper function. But lack of Earth’s magnetic frequency is another issue and their suits include wiring that simulates the earth’s magnetic field.

l_lego-minifigure-series-7-viking-woman-54a3Back at ground control we distance ourselves from this frequency with modern dwellings, indoor life, paving, and electromagnetic smog from wifi and various gadgetry (it is hard to wrap my mind around the electricity-powered PEMF not being in this category, but it works at a much gentler frequency with the right variations). Added to this is the fact the earth’s magnetic frequency has been on the decline, from 200 micro-Tesla (don’t ask) several thousand years ago to about 50 today. Even just 1,000 years ago it was at about 100. Our biology has not adapted to this change and some research says this drop in magnetic frequency is partly to blame for the rise in chronic disease. Magnetic frequency is strongest at the poles and weakest at the equator, which helps explain why compasses work and why I’m drawn to northern latitudes.

In the future I’ll talk more about how earth’s magnetic frequency affects us on a cellular level. It’s quite fascinating and totally new information for me.